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System-board-assembly switches

The following illustrations show the location of the switches on the server.

If there is a clear protective sticker on the top of the switch blocks, you must remove and discard it to access the switches.
  1. Before you change any switch settings or move any jumpers, turn off the server; then, disconnect all power cords and external cables. Review the following information:

  2. Any system-board-assembly switch or jumper block that is not shown in the illustrations in this document are reserved.
    Figure 1. System-board-assembly switch
    System-board-assembly switch

SW5 switch block

The following table describes the functions of the SW5 switch block on the system board (system board assembly).
Table 1. System-board-assembly SW5 switch block description
Switch-bit numberSwitch nameDefault positionDescription
1 SW5–1Force BMC CPU resetOffForces BMC and CPU into reset when changing it to the ON position.
2 SW5–2Clear CMOSOffClears the real-time clock (RTC) registry when changing it to the ON position.
3 SW5–3Password overrideOffOverrides the power-on password when changing it to the ON position.
4 SW5–4FPGA resetOffForces FPGA into reset when changing it to the ON position.
5 SW5–5ReservedOffReserved
6 SW5–6ReservedOffReserved
7 SW5–7ReservedOffReserved
8 SW5–8ReservedOffReserved