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Install the 3.5-inch front drive backplane

Use this information to install the 3.5-inch front drive backplane.

About this task

The server supports the following types of 3.5-inch front drive backplanes:
  • 3.5-inch SAS/SATA 8-bay backplane

  • 3.5-inch SAS/SATA 12-bay backplane

  • 3.5-inch AnyBay 12-bay backplane

  • 3.5-inch 12-bay backplane with expander

The following uses the 3.5-inch SAS/SATA 12-bay backplane as an example for illustration. The procedure is the same for the other backplanes.

  • Read Installation Guidelines and Safety inspection checklist to ensure that you work safely.

  • To avoid damage to the drive connectors, make sure that the server top cover is in place and fully closed whenever you install or remove a drive.

  • To make sure that there is adequate system cooling, do not operate the server for more than two minutes without either a drive or a drive bay filler installed in each bay.

  • Before you remove or make changes to drives, drive controllers (including controllers that are integrated on the system board assembly), drive backplanes or drive cables, back up all important data that is stored on drives.

Firmware and driver download: You might need to update the firmware or driver after replacing a component.


  1. Touch the static-protective package that contains the new part to any unpainted surface on the outside of the server. Then, take the new part out of the package and place it on a static-protective surface.
  2. Install the 3.5-inch drive backplane.
    Figure 1. 3.5-inch drive backplane installation
    Depending on the specific type, your backplane might look different from the illustration.

    3.5-inch-drive backplane installation
    1. Align the backplane with the chassis and lower it into the chassis. Then, put the backplane into place with it leaning backward slightly.
    2. Rotate the backplane to vertical position to ensure that the four hooks on the chassis pass through the corresponding holes in the backplane. Then, slide the new backplane as shown until it is secured into place.
  3. If you have disconnected cables from the backplane, reconnect cables back to the backplane, and then connect the cables to the system board assembly or RAID adapters. See Internal cable routing.

After you finish

  1. Reinstall all the drives and fillers (if any) into the drive bays. See Install a hot-swap drive.

  2. Reinstall the fan cage. See Install the system fan cage.

  3. Reinstall the air baffle if you have removed it. See Install the air baffle.

  4. Complete the parts replacement. See Complete the parts replacement.

Demo video

Watch the procedure on YouTube