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GPU replacement

Follow instructions in this section to remove and install a GPU adapter.

Air baffleSupported GPU adapter
Figure 1. Standard air baffle

Half length, low profile

Figure 2. GPU Air baffle

Full length

Depending on your usage scenario, you might need to install one of below GPU air baffle filler or add-on GPU air baffle to enhance the thermal performance of GPUs:

GPU air baffle filler/Add-on air baffleScenario
Figure 3. GPU air baffle filler

When the GPU air baffle is used, but a riser card is not installed with a GPU adapter, install this filler on the GPU air baffle.

Figure 4. Add-on GPU air baffle

If a single-wide FHFL GPU adapter is to be installed on slot 1, 4, or 7, but the adjacent slot (2, 5, or 8) is left empty or installed with a half-length adapter, install this add-on air baffle on the GPU air baffle first.

If the adjacent slot (2, 5, or 8) is installed with a low-profile Ethernet adapter that use an active optical cable (AOC), the power of the AOC cable must be limited to 2.5 W or lower.