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Remove the OSFP port card

Follow instructions in this section to remove the OSFP port card.

About this task



  1. Remove the top cover. See Remove the top cover.
  2. Unfasten the cable tie(s) to release the OSFP port card cables, and disconnect them from the CX-7 carrier board and the CX-7 mezz board.
    • Hold the cable connector at 45 degree angle when inserting it into the port.
    • Have extremely precaution when reseating the connectors that have a 45 degree label on them as they are fragile and will get damage if not installed in the correct 45 degree angle.

    The OSFP port card cables are bundled with one or two cable ties depending on the previous installation.
    Figure 1. Unfastening the cable tie(s)
    Unfastening the cable tie(s)
  3. Unfasten the screw that secures the OSFP port card to the chassis; then, lift OSFP port card out of the chassis.
    Figure 2. OSFP port card removal
    OSFP port card removal

After you finish

  1. If you are instructed to return the component or optional device, follow all packaging instructions, and use any packaging materials for shipping that are supplied to you.
  2. If you plan to recycle the component:
    1. Remove the Mylar film from the OSFP port card.
    2. Remove the two screws from the OSFP port card to separate it from the bracket.
      Figure 3. OSFP port card disassembly
      OSFP port card disassembly
    3. Recycle the component in compliance with local regulations.

Demo video

Watch the procedure on YdouTube