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System removal

See this section to learn how to remove the system from the rack.

  1. Disengage the system if it has been secured to the rack.


    • ① Open the rack release latches, and loosen the captive screws with a Philips screwdriver.
    • ② Remove the washers and the M5 screws with a flat-head screwdriver.
  2. Determine lifting method. Two lifting options are available:

    For two-person lift, remove the following components beforehand:

    • All the power supply units
    • All the storage drives
    • Top cover
    • (If applicable) All the expansion trays

    Otherwise, lift the system with three people or a lifting device.

    When doing the lifting with people, make sure to lift the system by the handles.
  3. Proceed to one of the following options to remove the system if it has been installed to the rack.