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I/O tray connectors

The following illustration shows the internal connectors on the I/O tray (including connectors of PCIe slot 5 to 8 and the LOM connector of slot 9).

For information about connectors on I/O tray risers, see I/O tray riser connectors. For information about all external connectors on the rear of the server, including those on the I/O tray, see Rear view.

Figure 1. I/O tray connectors
Table 1. I/O tray connectors
1 Riser for slot 1 to 4 connectors (Riser 1)8 Network (LOM) connector (slot 9)
2 PCIe3, x16, 75 watt connector (slot 5)9 TCM connector (see Enable TPM/TCM)
3 PCIe3, x16, 75 watt connector (slot 6)10 Riser for slot 10 to 15 connectors (Riser 2)
4 PCIe3, x8, 25 watt connector (slot 7)11 M.2 SATA/PCIe (Hypervisor) backplane connector (see note following this table)
5 Signal cable to power backplane12 Riser for PCIe slot 16 to 17 (Riser 3)
6 Battery (CR2032)13 SW2 - Switch block 2
7 ML2 PCIe3, x16 connector (slot 8)14 SW1 - Switch block 1
This switch block is reserved.
The following PCIe slots are assigned to components elsewhere in the server:
  • PCIe slot 18 is assigned to the RAID card in the lower tray.

  • PCIe slot 19 is assigned to the RAID card in the upper tray.

  • PCIe slot 20 is assigned to the M.2 backplane inside the I/O tray.