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I/O tray switches

Two switch blocks are located on the I/O tray


The switch block SW1 is located near the VGA connector on the I/O tray. All switches in this switch block are reserved.


The switch block SW2 is located near the M2 SATA/PCIe backbplane connector.
Graphic depicting switch block layout

Table 1 describes the functions of the switch block.

Table 1. SW2 switch block definition.
Switch numberDefault positionDescription
1OffTPM/TCM physical presence.
4OffClear CMOS memory. When this switch is toggled to ON, it clears the data in CMOS memory, which clears the power-on password.
5OffForce UEFI recovery. Changing the position of the switch to ON will force the system to boot from the recovery UEFI image.
6OffForce XCC backup bank. Changing the position of the switch to ON will force the system to boot from the backup XCC bank.
7OffPower-on password override. Changing the position of this switch bypasses the power-on password check the next time the server is turned on and starts the Lenovo XClarity Provisioning Manager so that you can change or delete the power-on password. You do not have to move the switch back to the default position after the power-on password is overridden.

Changing the position of this switch does not affect the administrator password check if an administrator password is set.

  1. Before you change any switch settings or move any jumpers, turn off the server; then, disconnect all power cords and external cables. Review the information in Safety Information page, Installation Guidelines, Handling static-sensitive devices, and Power off the server (disconnect input power).