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System board LEDs

The illustration in this section shows the LEDs on the system board.

Figure 1. System board LEDs
System-board LEDs
  • 1 FPGA heartbeat LED (green) behavior:

    • Blinking: FPGA is working normally..
    • On or off: FPGA is not working.
  • 2 ME heartbeat LED (green) behavior:

    • Blinking: PCH ME is functioning.
    • On or Off: PCH ME is malfunctioning.
  • 3 XCC heartbeat LED (green) behavior:

    • Blinking rapidly: XCC is at the initial phase.
    • Blinking (about one flash per second): XCC is working normally.
    • Off or always on: XCC is not working or is working abnormally.
  • 4 DIMM error LEDs (amber) behavior:

    • On: an error has occurred to the DIMM the LED represents.