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Lenovo XClarity Orchestrator

Use this documentation to learn how to use Lenovo XClarity Orchestrator Version 2.0.0.

Lenovo XClarity Orchestrator provides centralized monitoring, management, provisioning, and analytics for environments with large numbers of devices. It leverages existing resource managers (such as Lenovo XClarity Administrator and Schneider Electric EcoStruxure IT Expert) across multiple sites to view overall health, collect device inventory and health summaries, drill down into device details, view event and audit logs, and apply updates to managed resources.

Using the online documentation and help

The online documentation is updated regularly in English.
You can change the language of the online documentation in the following ways:
  • Change the language setting in your web browser.
  • Append ?lang={language_code} to the end of URL. For example, to display the online documentation in Simplified Chinese, use the following URL.

Browse the navigation tree in the Contents tab () on the left. Click the topic that you want to display. Use the web browser Back and Forward icons to navigate within the history of viewed topics.

To quickly locate topics on a specific subject in the documentation, enter a query in the Search field. Use the Search tab () to display the Search view. You can narrow the scope of your search by selecting only the sections you are interested in.

Click the Show in Table of Contents icon () to highlight the displayed topic in the navigation tree. The Link with Contents icon () keeps the navigation tree synchronized to the current topic.

To show documentation about capabilities that are disabled in the application, select the Show All Topics icon (). This affects the table of contents and search results.