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Install the E3.S drive cage assembly

Use this information to install the E3.S drive cage assembly.

About this task

Required tools

Make sure you have the following kits at hand to properly replace the component:
  • E3S Drive Conduction plat with gap pad

  • E3S Putty pad kit

  • E3S gap pad kit

Gap pad/putty pad replacement guidelines
  • To identify the gap pad/putty pad location and orientation, see Gap pad/Putty pad identification and location.

  • Before replacing the gap pad/putty pad, gently clean the interface plate or the hardware surface with an alcohol cleaning pad.

  • Hold the gap pad/putty pad carefully to avoid deformation. Make sure no screw hole or opening is blocked by the gap pad/putty pad material.

  • Do not use expired putty pad. Check the expiry date on putty pad package. If the putty pads are expired, acquire new ones to properly replace them.



  1. Make sure the blank bezel fillers are installed. If not, install them to the node.
    Figure 1. Blank bezel filler installation
    Blank bezel filler installation
  2. If the E3.S drive cage gap pad is damaged or missing, replace it with a new one. Make sure to follow Gap pad/putty pad replacement guidelines.
    Align the gap pad with marking on water loop when attaching gap pad.
    Figure 2. Markings on water loop for E3.S gap pad alignment
    Markings on water loop for E3.S gap pad alignment
    Figure 3. Replacing gap pad
    Replacing gap pad
  3. Install the E3.S drive cage assembly.
    1. Install the E3.S drive cage assembly into the node.
    2. Secure the three screws.
    The following illustration might differ slightly from your hardware, but the installation method is the same.
    Figure 4. E3.S drive cage assembly installation
    E3.S drive cage assembly installation
  4. Connect the drive assembly cable to the system board and route the cable as the following illustration. For more information, see System-board connectors.
    Figure 5. E3.S drive cable routing
    Drive assembly cable installation
    1 SATA 0-1 connector
    2 NVMe 0-1 connector
    3 Drive power 2 connector
    4 SATA 2-3 connector
    5 NVMe 2-3 connector
    6 Drive power 1 connector
After you finish
  1. Install the cross braces. See Install the cross braces.

  2. Install the tray cover. See Install the tray cover.

  3. Install the tray into the enclosure. See Install a DWC tray in the enclosure.

  4. Connect all required external cables to the solution.
    Use extra force to connect QSFP cables to the solution.
  5. Check the power LED on each node to make sure it changes from fast blink to slow blink to indicate all nodes are ready to be powered on.