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Remove an SXM GPU

Follow instructions in this section to remove a GPU.

About this task

When the HGX A100 80GB 500W 4-GPU Board is installed and if the ambient temperature is above 30°C, the GPUs may be instructed by the system to enter an emergency power reduction state whereby GPU performance will be impacted.

Removing and installing this component requires trained technicians. Do not attempt to remove or install it without proper training.

Make sure you have an alcohol cleaning pad available.
Prepare the following screwdrivers to ensure you can install and remove the corresponding screws properly
Table 1. Torque screwdriver type list
Torque screwdriver type listScrew type
PH 2 head screwdriverPhilips #2
Torx 10 screwdriverTorx T10 screw
The following illustration shows the GPU numbering.
Figure 1. SXM GPU Numbering


  1. Prepare your server.
    1. Remove the top cover. See Remove the top cover.
    2. Remove the 2.5-inch drive assembly. See Remove the 2.5-inch drive cage assembly.
    3. Remove the network adapters. See Remove a network adapter.
    4. Remove the front I/O expansion board module. See Remove the front I/O expansion board module.
    5. Remove the retimer assembly. See Remove the retimer assembly.
    6. Remove the Lenovo NeptuneTM liquid-to-air (L2A) hybrid cooling module. See Remove the Lenovo Neptune(TM) liquid-to-air (L2A) hybrid cooling module.
    7. Remove the SXM GPU board. See Remove the SXM GPU board.
  2. If there is any old thermal grease on the four GPUs and the cold plates, gently clean the top of the four GPUs and the cold plates with an alcohol cleaning pad.
  3. Locate the GPU to be removed. Unfasten the four Philips #2 screws on the GPU, and carefully remove the GPU out of the GPU board.
    Tighten and remove the screws with a torque screwdriver sets to the proper torque. For reference, the torque required for the screws to fully tighten/removal is 0.5±0.05 newton-meter, 4.5±0.5 pound-inch.
    Figure 2. Removing a GPU from the SXM GPU board
    Removing a GPU from the SXM GPU board
  4. Install protective covers to the SXM GPU board.
    Figure 3. Installing the protective covers

    Installing the protective covers
After you finish
  1. Install a replacement unit. See Install an SXM GPU.

  2. If you are instructed to return the component or optional device, follow all packaging instructions, and use any packaging materials for shipping that are supplied to you.

Demo video

Watch the procedure on YouTube