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Remove the front top cover

Follow instructions in this section to remove the front top cover.

About this task

shock hazard
Hazardous voltage, current, and energy levels might be present. Only a qualified service technician is authorized to remove the covers where the label is attached.
240VA shock hazard

Hazardous energy present. Voltages with hazardous energy might cause heating when shorted with metal, which might result in spattered metal, burns, or both.



  1. If the front top cover is locked, unlock it with a screwdriver (direction 2).
    Figure 1. Front top cover locking/unlocking direction
    Front top cover locking/unlocking direction
    • 1 Locking direction
    • 2 Unlocking direction
  2. Remove the front top cover.
    1. Press the blue button on the front top cover release latch.
    2. Rotate the end of the latch up until it is in vertical position.
    3. Lift the front top cover to remove it.
      • Service label is located on the surface of the front top cover.
      • For proper cooling and air flow, install the front and rear top covers before powering on the server. Operating the server with the top covers removed might damage server components.
      Figure 2. Front top cover removal
      Front top cover removal

After you finish

If you are instructed to return the component or optional device, follow all packaging instructions, and use any packaging materials for shipping that are supplied to you.

Demo video

Watch the procedure on YouTube