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Update the ThinkAgile SXM switch firmware (Lenovo switches only)

Current ThinkAgile SXM Series solutions are no longer shipped with Lenovo network switches. This topic presents the steps required to update Lenovo BMC and TOR switches in a running Lenovo ThinkAgile SXM Series solution that was shipped with Lenovo switches. Steps are included to backup the switch configurations, update the Network Operating System (NOS) on each switch, and verify that the switches are operating properly.


Once a ThinkAgile SXM Series solution has been deployed and is running workloads, it is essential to ensure minimal disruption of the production environment. It is necessary to maintain active network connectivity at all times, even during updates of the network switch operating systems and configurations. The Azure Stack Hub network design incorporates two redundant TOR switches to achieve this level of high availability.

In these topics, the steps include entering switch credentials in the form of “admin/<password>.” You must substitute the actual credentials for each switch in order to complete this process. You can find these credentials in the Customer Deployment Summary document left with you at solution turnover. You can modify passwords after updating the switch successfully.

The switch firmware update process includes the following activities:

  • Prepare XClarity Administrator to update switch firmware

  • Back up TOR switch configurations

  • Update the TOR switches

  • Verify TOR switch functionality

  • Back up BMC switch configuration

  • Update the BMC switch

  • Verify BMC switch functionality