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Removing the rear LED card

(Trained service technician only) Use these instructions to remove the rear LED card from the chassis midplane.

Before you remove the rear LED, complete the following steps:
  1. Read Safety and Installation guidelines
  2. Record the machine type model, the chassis serial number, and retrieve the existing universally unique identifier (UUID) information from midplane that you are removing. You will need this information to program the new rear LED card that comes with the replacement midplane. The procedure for obtaining this data might require different steps depending on the functional state of the chassis.
    1. Chassis is operating:
      1. Log onto the CMM and access the command-line interface (CLI). You can access the CMM CLI through a direct serial or Ethernet connection to the CMM, through a Telnet connection to the IP address of the CMM, or through a Secure Shell (SSH) connection to the CMM. You must authenticate with the CMM before issuing commands.
      2. Query for the machine type model, chassis serial number, and the UUID values by using the CLI info command. Record this information before you proceed.
    2. Chassis is not operating:
      1. Obtain the chassis serial number and the machine type model from one of the chassis labels. Contact Support and request the UUID for the chassis serial number and the machine type model.
      2. Record the chassis serial number, the machine type model, and the UUID before you proceed.
  3. Shut down the operating systems and turn off any compute nodes in the chassis. See the documentation that comes with the compute node for detailed instructions.
  4. Open the release handles on the compute nodes to disengage the nodes from the midplane connectors.
  5. Disconnect the chassis from power (see Disconnecting the chassis from power).
  6. Disconnect all cables from the modules in the rear of the chassis.
  7. Remove all of the components and component bay fillers from the rear of the chassis. See the following tasks for additional instructions:
  8. Remove the shuttle from the chassis (see Removing the shuttle).

To remove the rear LED card from the midplane, complete the following steps.

Graphic illustrating the removal of the rear LED card from the midplane

  1. Remove the T-10 Torx screw that secures the card with a Torx driver.
  2. Slide the card out toward you, and then disconnect the cable from the card.
  3. Remove the card from the midplane and place it on a flat, static-protective surface.