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Replacing the shuttle

(Trained service technician only) Use these instructions to install the chassis shuttle in the Flex System Carrier-Grade chassis.

The power supplies, I/O modules, and CMM that are installed in the shuttle connect directly to the midplane. Do not latch these devices in the shuttle before you insert the shuttle; the chassis is not designed for all of those devices to connect to the midplane at the same time.

To install the chassis shuttle, complete the following steps.

Graphic illustrating the installation of a shuttle from the chassis

  1. Align the shuttle with the rear of the chassis and insert the shuttle into the chassis.
  2. Push the release latches in; then, slide the shuttle into the chassis until it locks in place.
  3. Tighten the captive screws that you removed earlier with a T-15 Torx driver:
    1. Turn the upper-left screw 3 times.
    2. Turn the upper-right screw 3 times.
    3. Turn the lower-left screw 3 times.
    4. Turn the lower-right screw 3 times.
    5. Repeat steps a through d until the screws are tightened to 1.6 Newton-meters (1.18 foot-pounds).
      The four shuttle screws secure the shuttle tightly against the rear of the midplane. If these screws are not tightened to the correct torque, the shuttle might not be fully seated against the midplane.
  4. Install the left, right, and bottom support brackets on the rear of the chassis, if you removed them.
After you install the shuttle, complete the following steps:
  1. Reinstall the components that you removed from the rear of the Flex System Carrier-Grade chassis:
  2. Connect any cables that you disconnected from the modules in the rear of the chassis.
  3. Connect the chassis to power (see Connecting the chassis to power).
  4. Restart any compute nodes that you shut down. See the documentation that comes with each compute node for detailed instructions.