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Placing devices in maintenance mode

When a device is in maintenance mode, Lenovo XClarity Administrator excludes all events and alerts for that device from all pages on which events and alerts are displayed. Excluded alerts are still logged but are hidden from view.

About this task

Only events and alerts that were generated for a device while the device is in maintenance mode are excluded. Events and alerts were generated before the device was placed in maintenance mode are displayed.

Placing a managed device in maintenance and then back in service might cause inventory for that device to be out of date. If you see abnormalities, manually refresh the inventory from the device page by selecting the device and clicking All Actions > Inventory > Refresh Inventory.


Complete one of the following steps to place devices in maintenance mode.

  1. From the Lenovo XClarity Administrator menu bar, click Administration > Service and Support. The Service and Support page is displayed.
  2. Click Endpoint Actions in the left navigation to display the Endpoint Actions page.
  3. Select one or more devices to place in maintenance mode.
  4. Click Actions > Maintenance to display the Maintenance mode dialog.
  5. Select the date and time for taking the device out of maintenance mode and placing back in service.
    Select Indefinitely if you do not want the device placed back in service.
  6. Click Confirm. The maintenance column in the table changes to Yes for that device.

After you finish

When you are done with maintenance on the device, you can put the device back in service by selecting the device and clicking Actions > Maintenance, and then clicking Turn off maintenance in the dialog. If you do not manually place the device back in service mode, it is placed in service mode automatically after the specified end date and time expires.