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Remove the Firmware and Root of Trust/TPM 2.0 Security Module

See this topic to learn how to remove the Firmware and TPM 2.0 Security Module.

About this task

  • Go over Installation Guidelines to ensure that you work with safety.

  • Turn off the server and peripheral devices and disconnect the power cords and all external cables (see Power off the server).

  • If the server is installed in a rack, slide the server out on its rack slide rails to gain access to the top cover, or remove the server from the rack.


  1. Make preparations for this task.
    1. If applicable, remove the security bezel (see Remove the security bezel).

    2. Remove the top covers (see Remove the top covers).

    3. Remove the air baffle (see Remove the air baffle).

    4. Remove both PCIe riser assemblies (see Remove the PCIe riser assemblies and adapters).

    5. Remove the trayless drive cage (see Remove the drive cage and trayless drives).

    6. Remove the system board assembly if necessary (see Remove the system board assembly).
  2. Remove the two screws that secure the security module to the system board, and remove the module.
    Figure 1. Removing the security module

After this task is completed

Watch the procedure on YouTube.