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M.2 backplane and M.2 drive replacement

Use this information to remove and install the M.2 backplane and M.2 drive (an assembled M.2 backplane and M.2 drive is also known as M.2 module).

The server supports four types of M.2 backplanes. The removal and installation methods are similar.

The M.2 adapters and modules are also referred to as enablement kits.
1ThinkSystem M.2 SATA/NVMe 2-Bay Enablement Kit
2ThinkSystem M.2 NVMe 2-Bay RAID Enablement Kit
3ThinkSystem M.2 SATA/x4 NVMe 2-Bay Enablement Kit
4ThinkSystem M.2 RAID B540i-2i SATA/NVMe Enablement Kit