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System board LEDs

The illustration in this section shows the LEDs on the system board.

Figure 1. System board LEDs
System board LEDs

Table 1. LEDs on the system board
1 BMC heart beat LED2 System ID LED
3 System error LED4 DIMM error LEDs (16)
5 Fan error LEDs (7) 

1 BMC heart beat LED

The BMC heart beat LED helps you identify the BMC status.
OnGreenThe BMC is not alive.
BlinkingGreenThe BMC is alive.
OffNoneThe BMC is not alive.

2 System ID LED

The blue system ID LED helps you to visually locate the server. A system ID LED is also located on the front of the server. Each time you press the system ID button, the state of both the system ID LEDs changes. The LEDs can be changed to on, blinking, or off.

3 System error LED

When this yellow LED is lit, one or more LEDs elsewhere in the server might also be lit to direct you to the source of the error. For more information, see Operator information panel.

4 DIMM error LEDs

When a DIMM error LED is lit, it indicates that the corresponding memory module has failed.

5 Fan error LEDs

When a fan error LED is lit, it indicates that the corresponding system fan is operating slowly or has failed.