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Install a processor

Follow instructions in this section to install a processor. This task requires a Torx T20 screwdriver.

About this task


This task must be operated by trained technicians that are certified by Lenovo Service. Do not attempt to remove or install the part without proper training and qualification.

  • Read Installation Guidelines and Safety inspection checklist to ensure that you work safely.

  • Power off the server and peripheral devices and disconnect the power cords and all external cables. See Power off the server.

  • Prevent exposure to static electricity, which might lead to system halt and loss of data, by keeping static-sensitive components in their static-protective packages until installation, and handling these devices with an electrostatic-discharge wrist strap or other grounding system.

  • See Lenovo ServerProven website for a list of processors supported for your server. All processors on the system board assembly must have the same speed, number of cores, and frequency.

  • Before you install a new processor, update your system firmware to the latest level. See Update the firmware.

Firmware and driver download: You might need to update the firmware or driver after replacing a component.


  1. (Optional) If a processor filler is installed on the processor socket, remove the processor filler.
    Figure 1. Removing a processor filler
    Removing a processor filler

    1. Gently open the retaining clip on each end of the memory module slots next to the left and right sides of the processor.
    2. Grasp the processor filler with both hands and carefully lift it out of the slots.
  2. (Optional) Remove the processor socket cover.

    The procedure of removing the processor socket cover is the same as that of removing a processor. See Remove a processor.

  3. Install the processor.
    Figure 2. Installing a processor
    Installing a processor

    1. Slide the processor carrier into the rail frame.
      • Make sure the processor carrier is well seated inside the rail frame.

      • Make sure the rear of processor carrier does not float above the rail frame.

    2. Use the index finger of both hands to press down the rail frame.
    3. Use the index finger of both hands to push the rail frame down until the blue latches lock into place.
    4. Close the retention frame.
    5. Use a Torx T20 screwdriver to tighten the screw.

After you finish

Install the heat sink. See Install a heat sink.

Demo video

Watch the procedure on YouTube