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Update XClarity Administrator

Follow the steps in this topic to update XClarity Administrator if necessary (check the current Best Recipe) before proceeding with the remainder of these instructions.

To update XClarity Administrator, follow the steps in this topic. Updating LXCA typically is a two-step process. First, LXCA is updated to a new “base version” and then a “fix pack” is applied. For example, to update LXCA to v2.6.6, the LXCA v2.6.0 update package is applied to any previous v2.x version of LXCA and then the v2.6.6 FixPack is applied to LXCA v2.6.0.

The examples below show the process to update XClarity Administrator v2.1.0 to v2.4.0, but these instructions are valid for updating to any version.

  1. Copy the LXCA Update Package directory to D:\Lenovo\LXCA on the HLH.
  2. On the HLH server, sign in to XClarity Administrator.
  3. At the top menu of the XClarity Administrator browser interface, select Administration > Update Management Server.
    Figure 1. Administration menu > Update Management Server
    Screenshot of Administration menu > Update Management Server
  4. Click the Import button ().
  5. Click Select Files.
  6. Navigate to D:\Lenovo\LXCA\LXCA Update Package, select all four files in the directory, and then click Open. The example image below shows the update package files for XClarity Administrator v2.4.0, which might vary, depending on the version of XClarity Administrator specified in the current Best Recipe.
    Figure 2. Upload LXCA update package
    Screenshot of uploading LXCA update package
  7. Back in the Import window, click Import.
  8. Status is displayed during the import process. Once complete, verify that the Download Status column shows Downloaded for the XClarity Administrator update package.
  9. Select the update package by clicking the radio button to the left of the package name, and then click the Perform Update button ().
    Figure 3. Perform management server update
    Screenshot of performing management server update
  10. In the Confirmation window that displays, click Restart.
    Figure 4. Restart message after XClarity Administrator update

  11. After a few seconds, the XClarity Administrator browser interface is replaced by the following message:
    Figure 5. XClarity Administrator update request message
    Screenshot of XClarity Administrator update request message
  12. Once XClarity Administrator is back online, reconnect and sign in to the XClarity Administrator browser interface. It can take several minutes after logging in for all servers and switches to be accurately reflected in the XClarity Administrator interface. Initially, you might see Status as “Disconnected.”