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Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0)

TPM 2.0Configure the TPM 2.0 Setup options.
Table 1. TPM2.0 Setup options
TPM Status
TPM Vendor 

View the TPM vendor.

TPM Firmware Version 

View the current firmware version of the TPM device.

TPM Physical Presence
  • Asserted

  • Not Asserted

View the current state of the TPM physical presence. This must be asserted for TPM commands to succeed.

TPM Settings
TPM2 Operation
  • No Action (Default)

  • Clear

  • TPM2.0 Device has been cleared.

The last option string will appear after the data has been successfully cleared and the system has been rebooted.

WARNING: This will erase the contents of the TPM. This command requires the TPM Physical Presence to be asserted. System reboot is required.

To clear TPM data, select Clear and follow the message box on the screen.