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Downloading service data

Use the information in this topic to collect service information about your server. This process is normally only done at the request of service personnel to assist in resolving a server problem.

In the XClarity Controller home page, click the Service option in the Quick Action section and select Download Service Data. Click OK to download the service data.

The process of collecting the service and support data takes a few minutes to generate the service data. The file will be saved to your default download folder. The naming convention for the service data file follows this convention:<machine type and model>_<serial number>_xcc_<date>-<time>.tgz

For example: 7X2106Z01A_2345678_xcc_170511-175656.tgz.

In addition to the tgz format, the service data can also be downloaded using the tzz format. Tzz uses a different compression algorithm and can be extracted with a utility such as “lzop”.