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Processor replacement

Use the following procedures to replace an assembled processor.

Before you begin replacing a processor, make sure that you have an alcohol cleaning pad and thermal grease.
  • The processor in your solution can throttle in response to thermal conditions, temporarily lowering its speed to reduce heat output. In instances where a few processor cores are throttled for an extremely short time period (100 ms or less), the only indication might be an entry in the operating system event log with no corresponding entry in the system XCC event log. If this situation occurs, the event can be ignored and processor replacement is not required.

  • Before replacing a processor, check the current PSB fuse policy. See Service process before replacement at Service process for updating PSB fuse state.

  • After replacing a processor, ensure that the processor fuse status is expected without unexpected XCC event logs. See Service process after replacing a processor at Service process for updating PSB fuse state.