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RAID flash power module replacement

The RAID flash power module protects the cache memory on the installed RAID adapter. You can purchase a RAID flash power module from Lenovo. Use this information to remove and install a RAID flash power module.

For a list of supported options, see:Lenovo ServerProven website

RAID flash power modules can be installed on the chassis, in the air baffle, or to one riser slot.

Locations of RAID flash power modules

Use the illustration and table below to locate the RAID flash power modules.

Figure 1. RAID flash power modules in the chassis
RAID flash power module locations

1 RAID flash power module on the chassis2.5'' chassis installed with a standard or performance heat sink
2 RAID flash power module on the air baffle2.5'' or 3.5'' chassis installed with a standard heat sink
3 RAID flash power module on slot 3
  • 3.5'' chassis installed with a performance heat sink

  • 2.5'' chassis installed with Liquid to Air Module (L2AM)

An extension cable is provided for each RAID flash power module for connection. Connect the flash power module cable to the flash power module connector on the corresponding RAID adapter as shown.

Figure 2. Power cable routing for flash power module
Power cable routing for other components

  • Connect the RAID flash power module to the extension cable.

  • Connect the extension cable to the SFF/CFF RAID adapter.