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16-EDSFF drive backplane cable routing

Use this section to understand the backplane cable routing for the server model with 16 E1.S EDSFF front drives.

Cable routing for 16-EDSFF drive backplane

The following table shows the cabling routing for the 16-EDSFF drive backplane. For the locations of relevant connectors on the processor board, see System-board-assembly connectors for details.

Cable routing for 16-EDSFF drive backplane

1 EDSFF 0-1, EDSFF 2-31 PCIe connector 1 and 2
2 EDSFF 4-5, EDSFF 6-72 PCIe connector 3 and 4
3 EDSFF Power3 Backplane power connector on the system board assembly
4 EDSFF 8-9, EDSFF 10-114 PCIe connector 5 and 6
5 EDSFF 12-135 PCIe connector 7
6 EDSFF 14-156 PCIe connector 8 and 9