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2.5-inch drive backplane (signal)

Use the section to understand the cable routing for signal cable connections for 2.5-inch drive backplanes.

For the server with an Air cooling heat sink (T-shape), remove the heat sink before disconnecting or connecting the cables which connect to PCIe 1, PCIe 2, PCIe 3, PCIe 4, PCIe 5, or PCIe 6 connectors (see the table below). After disconnecting or connecting the cables, install the heat sink back to the server. See Remove a heat sink and Install a heat sink.
  • 1 PCIe 1 Connector

  • 2 PCIe 2 Connector

  • 3 PCIe 3 Connector

  • 4 PCIe 4 Connector

  • 5 PCIe 5 Connector

  • 6 PCIe 6 Connector