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Install the security bezel

Use this information to install the security bezel.

About this task


Read Installation Guidelines and Safety inspection checklist to ensure that you work safely.


  1. If you have removed the rack latches, reinstall them. See Install the rack latches.
  2. If the key is held inside the security bezel, remove it out of the security bezel.
    Figure 1. Key removal
    Removing the key from inside of the security bezel

  3. Install the security bezel to the chassis.
    Figure 2. Security bezel installation
    Security bezel installation

    1. Insert the tab on the security bezel into the slot on the right rack latch.
    2. Press and hold the blue release latch.
    3. Rotate the security bezel inward until the left side clicks into place.
  4. Use the key to lock the security bezel to the closed position.
    Figure 3. Locking the security bezel
    Locking the security bezel