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Install a processor

Use this information to install a processor.

  • See Lenovo ServerProven website for a list of processors supported for your server. All processors on the system board must have the same speed, number of cores, and frequency.

  • Before you install a new processor, update your system firmware to the latest level. See Update the firmware.

  • Optional devices available for your system might have specific processor requirements. See Technical rules.

To install a processor, complete the following steps:

Figure 1. Installing a processor
Microprocessor installation

  1. Slide the processor carrier into the rail frame.
  2. Push the rail frame down until the blue latches lock into place.
  3. Close the force frame.
  4. Tighten the screws in the installation sequence shown on the force frame.
After you finish

After installing a processor, install the heat sink by referring to Install a heat sink.

Demo video

Watch the procedure on YouTube