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10 x 2.5'' NVMe backplane (Gen 4)

Use this section to understand the cable routing of 10 NVMe front drives for liquid cooling configuration with 10 x 2.5 AnyBay front backplane installed.

To connect power cables for a backplane for standard 2.5'' or 3.5'' drives, refer to Backplane power cable routing.

The following illustration and table show the cabling between backplane and processor board for onboard configuration.

Figure 1. Onboard cabling of 10 NVMe drives for liquid cooling

Table 1. Mapping between one front AnyBay backplane and processor board for onboard configuration
Front BP (NVMe)1 NVMe 4–51 PCIe connector 1
2 NVMe 2–32 PCIe connector 2
3 NVMe 0–13 PCIe connector 3
4 NVMe 6–74 PCIe connector 4
5 NVMe 8–95 PCIe connectors 8 and 9