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Remove the server from rack

Follow instructions in this section to remove the server from the rack.


18 - 32 kg (39 - 70 lb)32 - 55 kg (70 - 121 lb)
Use safe practices when lifting.
No weight on shelf
Do not place any object on top of a rack-mounted device unless that rack-mounted device is intended for use as a shelf.

About this task

Make sure to have three people operate the server removal procedures to prevent injury.
Watch the procedure
  • A video of this procedure is available at YouTube.


  1. Loosen the two thumbscrews located on the front of the server to disengage it from the rack.
    Figure 1. Disengaging server from the rack

    Rack front

    Disengage server from the rack
    1Rack latch
  2. Hold the mounting ears on the front of the server; then, slide the server all the way out until it stops.
    Figure 2. Pulling out the server
    Pulling out the server
    1Rack latch (Mounting ear)
  3. Remove the server from the rack.
    Make sure three people are lifting the sever by holding the lift points.
    Figure 3. Lifting up the server

    Rack front

    Lifting up the server
    1Lift point
    Figure 4. Removing the server from the rack.

    Rack Front

    1Release tab
    1. Press the release tabs to disengage the rails from the server.
    2. Carefully lift up the front end of the server slightly to detach the nailheads from the slots on the rails.
    3. Lift up the server to remove it from the rails completely. Place the server on a flat and sturdy surface.
After you finish

Carefully lay the server on a flat, static-protective surface.