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Set the TPM policy

By default, a replacement system board is shipped with the TPM policy set to undefined. You must modify this setting to match the setting that was in place for the system board that is being replaced.

You can set the TPM policy from Lenovo XClarity Provisioning Manager.

Complete the following steps to set the TPM policy.

  1. Start the server and when prompted, press the key specified in the on-screen instructions to display Lenovo XClarity Provisioning Manager.
  2. If the power-on Administrator password is required, enter the password.
  3. From the System Summary page, click Update VPD.
  4. Set the policy to one of the following settings.
    • NationZ TPM 2.0 enabled - China only. Customers in Chinese Mainland should choose this setting if a NationZ TPM 2.0 adapter is installed.

    • TPM enabled - ROW. Customers outside Chinese Mainland should choose this setting.

    • Permanently disabled. Customers in Chinese Mainland should use this setting if no TPM adapter is installed.

    Although the setting undefined is available as a policy setting, it should not be used.