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Install a simple-swap drive

Use this information to install a simple-swap drive.

The following notes describe the type of drives that your server supports and other information that you must consider when you install a drive.

  • For a complete list of supported optional devices for the server, see:Lenovo ServerProven website

  • The drive bays are numbered to indicate the installation order (starting from number “0”). Follow the installation order when you install a drive. See Front view.

  • The drives in a single RAID array must be the same type, same size, and same capacity.

Before installing a simple-swap drive:

  1. If the drive bay has a drive filler installed, remove it. Keep the drive filler in a safe place for future use.

To install a simple-swap drive, complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure that the tray handle is in the open position. Align the drive with the guide rails in the bay; then, gently push the drive into the bay until the drive stops.
  2. Close the tray handle to lock the drive in place.
    Figure 1. Simple-swap drive installation into drive bay
    Simple-swap drive installation into drive bay
  3. Connect signal and power cable to the system board. See Internal cable routing for details.