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Install the air baffle

Use this procedure to install the air baffle.

  1. Read Installation Guidelines to ensure that you work safely.

  2. Carefully lay the compute node on a flat, static-protective surface, orienting the compute node with the bezel pointing toward you.
  3. Remove the compute node cover (see Remove the top cover).

To install the air baffle, complete the following steps:

Figure 1. Air baffle installation
Air baffle installation

Align the air baffle pins with the pin holes on both sides of the chassis; then, lower the air baffle into the compute node. Press the air baffle down until it is securely seated.
Close the retaining clip on each end of the DIMM connector before installing the air baffle.
After you install the air baffle, complete the following steps:
  1. Install the compute node cover (see Install the compute node cover).

  2. Install the compute node into the chassis (see Install the compute node in the chassis ).

Demo video

Watch the procedure on YouTube