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Install the fan cage

Follow the instructions in this section to install the fan cage.

About this task

disconnect all power
The power-control button on the device and the power switch on the power supply do not turn off the electrical current supplied to the device. The device also might have more than one power cord. To remove all electrical current from the device, ensure that all power cords are disconnected from the power source.
moving parts
Hazardous moving fan blades nearby. Keep fingers and other body parts away.
  • Read Installation Guidelines and Safety inspection checklist to ensure that you work safely.

  • Power off the server and peripheral devices and disconnect the power cords and all external cables. See Power off the server.

  • Prevent exposure to static electricity, which might lead to system halt and loss of data, by keeping static-sensitive components in their static-protective packages until installation, and handling these devices with an electrostatic-discharge wrist strap or other grounding system.

  • If the server is installed in a rack, slide the server out on its rack slide rails to gain access to the top covers, or remove the server from the rack. See Remove the server from rails.

Install the fan cage.
Figure 1. Installing the fan cage

  1. Align the fan cage to the guides on both sides of the server; then, lower it into the server.
  2. Rotate the fan cage release latches down until they stop.

After you finish

  1. Reinstall all fan modules. See Install a fan module.

  2. Reinstall the front top cover. See Install the front top cover.

  3. Complete the parts replacement. See Complete the parts replacement.

Demo video

Watch the procedure on YouTube