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FQXSPMA2010I : [PhysicalMemoryElementName] on Subsystem [MemoryElementName] is no longer Throttled.

[PhysicalMemoryElementName] on Subsystem [MemoryElementName] is no longer Throttled.

This message is for the use case when an implementation has detected Memory is no longer Throttled.



Alert Category

System - Other



CIM Information


and ID:0143

Automatically Notify Support


User Action

Complete the following steps:

  1. If the compute node has recently been installed, moved, serviced, or upgraded, verify that the DIMM is properly seated and visually verify that there is no foreign material in any DIMM connector on that memory channel. If either of these conditions is found, correct and retry with the same DIMM. (Note: The event Log might contain a recent FQXSFMA0011I event denoting detected change in DIMM population that could be related to this problem.)
  2. If no problem is observed on the DIMM connectors or the problem persists, replace the DIMM identified by LightPath and/or event log entry.
  3. If problem recurs on the same DIMM connector, replace the other DIMMs on the same memory channel.
  4. Check Lenovo support site for an applicable service bulletin or firmware update that applies to this memory error.
  5. If problem recurs on the same DIMM connector, inspect connector for damage. If damage found or problem persists, collect Service Data log.
  6. Contact Lenovo Support.