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M.2 backplane to SFF/CFF RAID adapters

See this section to understand the cable routing between an M.2 drive backplane and an SFF/CFF RAID adapter.

Figure 1. M.2 backplane to a Gen 3/4 SFF RAID adapter

Figure 2. M.2 backplane to a Gen 3/4 CFF RAID adapter

1 M.2 power1 M.2 power1 M.2 power1 M.2 power
2 M.2 PCIe2 SFF C02 M.2 PCIe2 CFF C0
3 MB input3–1 PCIe 4 (two processors)
3–2 PCIe 2 (one processor)
When the server is installed with 4 x 2.5'' NVMe drives with two processors, the “MB input” connector on the CFF RAID adapters connects to PCIe 2 on the processor board.