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Liquid to air module

Use this section to understand the cable routing of the Liquid to Air Module (L2AM).

  • For the locations of the L2AM connectors on the processor board, see Processor-board connectors for cable routing for details.

  • The two pump cables and one cable for the leakage detection sensor module are integrated to the L2AM, make sure that all three cables are connected.

For better cable arrangement, it is required to install the leakage detection sensor module to a designated holder, and make sure that the module is secured in holder clips. Use the illustration below or Install the Lenovo Neptune(TM) Liquid to Air Module for details.
Figure 1. Liquid to air module cable routing

1 Pump 1Pump 1 cablePump 1 connector
2 Pump 2Pump 2 cablePump 2 connector
3 Leak detectionLeak detection cableLeak detection connector

With the L2AM installed, your server supports below drive combinations: