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Independent memory mode installation order

Independent memory mode provides the highest level of memory performance, but lacks failover protection. The DIMM installation order for independent memory mode varies based on the number of processors and memory modules installed in the server.

Follow the rules below when installing memory modules in independent mode:
  • There should be at least one DDR5 DIMM per processor.
  • All DDR5 memory modules must operate at the same speed in the same system.
  • Memory population must be identical between processors.
  • Memory modules from different vendors are supported.
  • In each memory channel, populate the slot farthest from the processor (slot 0) first.
  • All memory modules must be DDR5 memory modules.
  • Mixing 16Gbit (16 GB, 32 GB) and 24Gbit (96 GB) memory module is not allowed in a system.
  • 96 GB memory module must be identically populated in the system and only supported on Intel Xeon Platinum processor.
  • 96 GB memory module can only support 1DPC (8 DIMMs per processor) and 2DPC (16 DIMMs per processor) configurations.
  • All memory modules to be installed must be of the same type.
    • Value RDIMM cannot be mixed with non-value RDIMMs in a system.
    • 3DS RDIMM cannot be mixed with non-3DS RDIMMs in a system.
  • All memory modules in a system must have the same number of ranks.
  • Before installing 24Gbit (96 GB) memory module to the system, make sure to update the UEFI firmware to the latest version first, then remove all existing 16Gbit (16 GB, 32 GB) memory modules.
Table 1. Independent mode
Total DIMMsProcessor 0/1/4/5
16 DIMMs*      A1      G1  
32 DIMMs*C1A1E1G1
48 DIMMs*D1 C1   A1  E1 F1 G1  
64 DIMMs*D1C1B1A1E1F1G1H1
96 DIMMs*D1 C1C2B1 A1A2E2E1 F1G2G1 H1
128 DIMMs*D1D2C1C2B1B2A1A2E2E1F2F1G2G1H2H1
Total DIMMsProcessor 2/3/6/7
16 DIMMs*      J1      R1  
32 DIMMs*L1J1N1R1
48 DIMMs*M1 L1   J1  N1 P1 R1  
64 DIMMs*M1L1K1J1N1P1R1T1
96 DIMMs*M1 L1L2K1 J1J2N2N1 P1R2R1 T1
128 DIMMs*M1M2L1L2K1K2J1J2N2N1P2P1R2R1T2T1

DIMM configurations that support the Sub NUMA Clustering (SNC) feature, which can be enabled via UEFI. SNC is not supported if DIMM population does not follow the sequence indicated by the table above.