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Install the 3.5-inch simple-swap drive backplate

Use this information to install the 3.5-inch simple-swap drive backplate.

About this task

To avoid potential danger, read and follow the following safety statements.
  • S002
    disconnect all power
    The power-control button on the device and the power switch on the power supply do not turn off the electrical current supplied to the device. The device also might have more than one power cord. To remove all electrical current from the device, ensure that all power cords are disconnected from the power source.
  • Read the Installation guidelines to ensure that you work safely.

  • Touch the static-protective package that contains the component to any unpainted metal surface on the server; then, remove it from the package and place it on a static-protective surface.


  1. Position the backplate on the drive cage so that the tabs on the drive cage are inserted into the corresponding slots on the backplate.
  2. Close the plunger to secure the backplate in place.
    Figure 1. Installing the simple-swap drive backplate
    Installing the simple-swap drive backplate