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Power off the server

The server remains in a standby state when it is connected to a power source, allowing the Lenovo XClarity Controller to respond to remote power-on requests. To remove all power from the server (power status LED off), make sure all power cables are disconnected.

Power button location and power LED are specified in:
To place the server in a standby state (power status LED flashes once per second):
The Lenovo XClarity Controller can place the server in a standby state as an automatic response to a critical system failure.
  • Start an orderly shutdown using the operating system (if supported by the operating system).

  • Press the power button to start an orderly shutdown (if supported by the operating system).

  • Press and hold the power button for more than 4 seconds to force a shutdown.

  • When in a standby state, the server can respond to remote power-on requests sent to the Lenovo XClarity Controller. For information about powering on the server, see Power on the server.

  • When the ambient temperature is greater than supported temperature, the server will shut down. The server will not power on again until the ambient temperature is back to within the supported temperature range.

  • When the system is powered off but still plugged in to AC power, the fan in slot 4 may continue to spin at a much lower speed. This is the system design to provide proper cooling.