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Install a PCIe adapter and riser assembly

Use this information to install a PCIe adapter and riser assembly.

About this task

There are different types of riser assembly configurations. The procedure for installing the riser card and PCIe adapter is similar for all types of riser assembly. The following takes the LPFH riser assembly as an example.

  • Read Installation guidelines to ensure that you work safely.

  • Power off the server and disconnect all power cords for this task.

  • Prevent exposure to static electricity, which might lead to system halt and loss of data, by keeping static-sensitive components in their static-protective packages until installation, and handling these devices with an electrostatic-discharge wrist strap or other grounding system.

To prevent potential thermal issues, change the Misc setting in the BIOS from Option3 (default value) to Option1 if the following two conditions are met:
  • The server is equipped with a GPU adapter.

  • The UEFI firmware version is AFE128B or later.

For the method of changing the Misc setting, see


  1. Touch the static-protective package that contains the PCIe adapter to any unpainted surface on the outside of the server. Then, take the PCIe adapter out of the package and place it on a static-protective surface.
  2. Locate the correct PCIe slot for the PCIe adapter. For information about the PCIe slots and supported PCIe adapters, see Rear view.
  3. Remove the PCIe slot filler if there is a filler installed.
  4. Install the PCIe adapter and secure it to the riser assembly.
    Figure 1. PCIe adapter installation into the LPFH riser assembly
    Installing PCIe adapters into the LPFH riser assembly

    1. Align the PCIe adapter with the PCIe slot on the riser card. Then, carefully press the PCIe adapter straight into the slot until it is securely seated and its bracket also is secured.
    2. Pivot the latch on the riser bracket to the closed position.
  5. Connect cables to the PCIe adapter in the riser assembly. See Internal cable routing.
  6. Position the riser assembly on the chassis. Align the plastic clip and two pins on the bracket with the guide pin and two holes in the chassis and align the riser card with the riser slot on the system board. Then, carefully press the riser assembly straight down into the slot until it is fully seated.
    Figure 2. Riser assembly installation
    Riser assembly installation

  7. For the LPFH riser assembly, you need to install the rear wall bracket.
    Figure 3. Rear wall bracket installation Rear wall bracket installation