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Install the middle 2.5-inch drive cage

Use this information to install the middle 2.5-inch drive bay.

  • The middle drive cage is supported on some server models at certain conditions. For detailed information, see Drive bay configurations and requirements.

  • The middle drive cage kit comes with an air baffle, 1U performance heat sink, and performance system fans (speed of 29000 RPM). If the air baffle, heat sink, and system fans of your server differ from those in the kit, replace them.

To install the middle drive cage, complete the following steps:

  1. Connect cables to the backplane.
  2. Install the backplane on the middle drive cage.
    1. Align the bottom of the backplane with the studs at the bottom of the drive cage.
    2. Rotate the backplane to vertical position so that the holes in the backplane pass through the pins on the drive cage, and press the backplane into position. The release latches will secure the backplane in place.
    Figure 1. Installing the backplane
    Installing the middle 2.5-inch-drive backplane

  3. Install the middle drive cage onto chassis.
    1. Put the rear pins into the chassis slots.
    2. Rotate the front of the drive cage down into place.
    Figure 2. Installing the middle 2.5-inch drive cage
    Installing the middle 2.5-inch drive cage

  4. Install drives into the middle drive cage. See Install a hot-swap drive.
    For an NVMe backplane, only 7 mm NVMe drives (installed in 15 mm-height drive trays) are supported, 15 mm NVMe drives not supported.
    Figure 3. Installing drives into the drive cage
    Installing drives into the drive cage

  5. Close the drive cage handle.
    1. Press the latch as shown.
    2. Rotate the handle to close it.
    Figure 4. Closing the cage handle
    Closing the cage handle

  6. Connect cables from the backplanes to a RAID/HBA adapter. See Internal cable routing.