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Install the internal riser assembly

Use this information to install the internal riser assembly.

To install the internal riser kit, complete the following steps:

Watch the procedure. A video of the installation and removal process is available at YouTube

  1. Install the M.2/riser support bracket and super capacitor modules on it. See Install a super capacitor module on the internal riser kit.
  2. Install a PCIe adapter on the riser card.
    1. Open the blue latch on the riser bracket.
    2. Slide the PCIe adapter into the PCIe slot on the riser card.
    3. Close the blue latch to secure the PCIe adapter.
    The internal riser card supports only a RAID/HBA 8i adapter, not supporting a RAID/HBA 16i or 24i adapter.
    Figure 1. PCIe adapter installation
    Install a PCIe adapter into internal riser assembly with only one LP slot

  3. Install the riser assembly into the chassis.
    Figure 2. Internal riser assembly installation
    Install the internal riser assembly on the chassis.