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Troubleshooting the deployment

This process may take some time, depending on the network and the number of node being deployed in the cluster.

If there are issues with the deployment:

  1. Click Download Log Bundle. The log file is named:


  2. Contact Lenovo Support by opening a Support service request:

    When you open a service request, you are prompted to upload the log file.

    • If you submit a service request to Lenovo Support, make sure that you preserve the existing environment in case it is needed for further troubleshooting by Lenovo.

    • If a cluster deployment failed and you need to contact Lenovo Support for assistance, they might require additional ports to be permitted temporarily.

  3. Shut down the VX Deployer VM.

    If there are issues with the deployment, it is possible that system artifacts can remain. Therefore, you should shut down the VX Deployer.