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Replacing a DVD drive

Use this information to replace a DVD drive.

The following notes describe the type of drives that the server supports and other information that you must consider when you install a drive. For a list of supported drives, see Lenovo ServerProven website.

  • Locate the documentation that comes with the drive and follow those instructions in addition to the instructions in this chapter.
  • Make sure that you have all the cables and other equipment that are specified in the documentation that comes with the drive.
  • The server supports one ultra-slim SATA optical drive.

To install an optional DVD drive, complete the following steps:

  1. Read the safety information that begins on Safety and Installation guidelines.
  2. Turn off the server and peripheral devices and disconnect the power cords and all external cables.
    When you disconnect the power source from the server, you lose the ability to view the LEDs because the LEDs are not lit when the power source is removed. Before you disconnect the power source, make a note of which LEDs are lit, including the LEDs that are lit on the operation information panel, on the light path diagnostics panel, and LEDs inside the server on the system board.
  3. Remove the cover (see Removing the cover).
  4. Remove the DVD drive filler panel if it is installed. Locate the blue release tab on the rear of the DVD drive filler panel; then, while you press the tab, push the DVD drive filler panel out of the drive bay.
    Figure 1. DVD drive filler panel removal
    DVD drive filler panel removal
  5. Remove the retention clip from the side of the DVD drive filler panel. Save the DVD drive filler panel for future use.
    If you are installing an optical drive that contains a laser, observe the following safety precautions.
    Statement 3

    When laser products (such as CD-ROMs, DVD drives, fiber optic devices, or transmitters) are installed, note the following:
    • Do not remove the covers. Removing the covers of the laser product could result in exposure to hazardous laser radiation. There are no serviceable parts inside the device.
    • Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein might result in hazardous radiation exposure.

    exclamation symbol
    Some laser products contain an embedded Class 3A or Class 3B laser diode. Note the following.

    Laser radiation when open. Do not stare into the beam, do not view directly with optical instruments, and avoid direct exposure to the beam.

    laser class 1 symbol
  6. Touch the static-protective package that contains the new optical drive to any unpainted metal surface on the server; then, remove the optical drive from the package and place it on a static-protective surface.
  7. Follow the instructions that come with the drive to set any jumpers or switches.
  8. Attach the drive retention clip that you removed from the DVD drive filler panel to the side of the new DVD drive.
    Figure 2. DVD drive retention clip installation
    DVD drive retention clip installation

  9. Align the DVD drive in the drive bay and slide the DVD drive into the optical drive bay until the DVD drive clicks into place.
    Figure 3. DVD drive installation
    DVD drive installation
  10. Connect the DVD drive cable (see Replacing the DVD drive cable). The following illustration shows the cable routing for the DVD drive:
    Figure 4. DVD drive cable routing
    DVD drive cable routing
  11. Reconnect the power cords and any cables that you removed.
  12. Turn on the peripheral devices and the server.