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BMC events that automatically notify Support

You can configure the XClarity Administrator to automatically notify Support (also known as call home) if certain types of errors are encountered. If you have configured this function, see the table for a list of events that automatically notify Support.

Table 1. Events that automatically notify Support
Event IDMessage String
A01011009The specified temperature upper critical going high asserted
A0101200BThe specified temperature upper non recoverable going high asserted
A02010800The specified voltage lower non critical going low asserted
A02010807The specified voltage upper non critical going high asserted
A02011009The specified voltage upper critical going high asserted
A02012004The specified voltage lower non recoverable going low asserted
A0201200BThe specified voltage upper non recoverable going high asserted
A04011002The specified Fan speed lower critical going low asserted
A086F1001This message is for the use case when an implementation has detected a Power Supply has failed.
A0D6F1001The specified drive fault asserted
A216F1000The specified cable/card detected a Fault asserted.