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Disassemble the server for chassis recycle

Follow the instructions in this section to disassemble the server before recycling the chassis.

About this task



  1. Make preparation for this task.
    1. Remove the server cover, see Remove the server cover.

      The heat sink and processor could be very hot. To avoid burning yourself, wait for a few minutes after turning off the server before you remove the server cover.

    2. If applicable, remove the intrusion switch, see Remove the intrusion switch.
    3. Remove the front bezel, see Remove the front bezel.
    4. If applicable, remove the optical drive, see Remove an optical drive.
    5. If applicable, remove the optical drive cage, see Remove the optical drive cage.
    6. If applicable, remove the cage bar, see Step 3 in Remove the server cover.
    7. If necessary, remove the rear fan, see Remove the fan (front and rear).
    8. If necessary, remove the M.2 drive, see Remove an M.2 drive.
    9. If necessary, remove the PCIe adapters, see Remove a PCIe adapter.
    10. Remove the front panel, see Remove the front panel.
    11. Remove all memory modules, see Remove a memory module.
    12. Remove the heat sink and fan module, see Remove the heat sink and fan module (trained technician only).
    13. Remove the processor, see Remove the processor (trained technician only).
  2. Make sure no cable is connected to the system board.
    Disengage all latches, cable clips, release tabs, or locks on cable connectors beforehand. Failing to release them before removing the cables will damage the cable connectors on the system board. Any damage to the cable connectors may require system board replacement.
  3. Remove the system board. See Remove the system board (trained technician only).

After disassembling the server, recycle the unit in compliance with local regulations.