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Install the M.2 drives and boot adapter

See this topic to learn how to install the M.2 drives and boot adapter.

About this task


  1. If necessary, install the replacement backplane to the adapter.
    Figure 1. Installing the M.2 backplane

    • Align the backplane with the slot in the adapter.
    • Tighten the captive screw on the M.2 backplane.
    • Secure the M.2 backplane with a screw.
    • Close the adapter cover.
    • Connect the M.2 cable to the backplane.
    • Tighten the captive screw to secure the M.2 cable.
  2. Install the M.2 drives to the backplane.
    Figure 2. Installing the M.2 drives

    • Align the M.2 drives with the connectors.
    • Pivot the other end of the M.2 drives toward the backplane.
    • Slide the retaining clips forward to secure the drives to the backplane.
  3. Contain the cables between the guiding pin and the two cable clips as illustrated. Align the pointed ends of the two triangles on the adapter and the power supply cage, and lower the bracket. Then, slide the adapter backward slightly, and tighten the captive screw to secure the adapter.
    To spare space for proper installation, make sure to contain the cables with the two cable clips as illustrated before installing the adapter.
    Figure 3. Installing the M.2 boot adapter

After this task is completed

  1. Proceed to complete the parts replacement (see Complete the parts replacement).

  2. Deploy the operating system (see Deploy the operating system).

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